You, Lucid

Hushing into white light,
Switching onto cool hue,
Shifting into sun sky.

In a blooming city full of contradictions, the heart is an empty room. Two sidesteps off the road, the heart is like a glass vacuum. Faces like knives, no reception from the old roses blooming in the wrecks. Shine on, petrify. Embassy of backwards ideals. Rain like spikes on the nudeness of the second self. Carry on, forget. The truth like an exhausted solar eclipse. The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. All is calm again, all is near. Totality exists only along a narrow path on Earth's surface traced by the Moon's shadow. On the wall, there's a wooden case with transparent layers of words: Have wild imaginings, transformative dreams and perfect calm. Imagine yourself magic. Open up. Dive in. Be free.

Gaea Bookings / Henri Koskiniemi

Press / Manager
Jere Leskinen


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